IP Surveillance CCTV

IP Surveillance CCTV


Wired to wireless surveillance over LAN / WAN, the IP Camera offers a web-based solution to any network and can be engaged for everything from surveillance to remote alarm verification and only limited by the scope of the Internet. Just to compete, many businesses like convenience stores and restaurants, stay open long hours or round the clock. That makes it nearly impossible for business owners like you to get away and still mind the store. Even managers at larger companies and organizations need to monitor their facilities while they�re gone. But in the past, that has required expensive and complicated solutions. Now, with IP Camera solution Remote Surveillance, you can monitor your business any hourday or night from the easy chair in your living room or a hotel room on the road with your laptop or pc. Now you can watch whats going on at the monitored location just by connecting to the internet by a phone at home.Simple menus displayed on your screen guide you as you control your remote monitoring system. Its Simple. Its Affordable. Monitor several sites If you have more than one store or site you want to monitor, you can install a IP Camera at each location. all you needs is a high-speed internet connection ISDN / ADSL..
We can install to your existing network or standalone pc, or provide a new complete solution for your IP Camera system.
IP Camera offers a unique, cost-effective and simple solution for delivering video over any network (LAN, WAN & World Wide Web).  Different from the conventional PC Camera, the IP Camera  attaches directly to the network, providing a low cost answer that can transmit live high quality color images.  The IP Camera can be managed remotely, accessed and controlled from any PC desktop over the Internet via any web browser any where in the world.  It is able to automatically send a time or event-triggered live image via e-mail to monitor kids at school, production line or even used as a surveillance monitor to secure a peace of mind with 350K pixels CMOS imagery sensor.
Simultaneous monitoring of up to 16 cameras via internet Broadband connection is required ica_to1
IP Camera can be used indoors or outdoors by using a External Camera Housing. ica_to2

IP Camera Solution. Enterprise Installation.

IP Camera Solution
Providing an excellent surveillance solution for remote security monitoring, house care or broadcasting of live events over an existing network or the Internet, PCS are proud to announce two innovative products, the CAS-200 IP Camera and the CAS-200W Wireless IP Camera. These units are considerably more advanced than a normal consumer PC camera device combining a high quality digital camera and a network-aware computer to allow stand-alone operation without the requirement for a separate PC. They can be placed wherever there is a wireless/wired LAN or an available xDSL/Cable modem connection. With CAS-200 series Plug-N-Watch capabilities, a network administrator or system operator can seamlessly complete network deployment in just minutes!
Using rich video capture functionality, users can receive live motion video or still images through a web browser from anywhere in the world. The CAS-200 series contains a built-in web server and the system operator or network administrator can manipulate an CAS-200 series unit remotely from any computer over an intranet or the Internet simply using common web browsers.Viewing of up to 16 CAS-200�s at the same time and the storing of recorded video is made possible using the bundled software.
With optimized hardware-based image compression, the CAS-200 series can efficiently and effortlessly compress images (up to 30 frames/s) for various applications. Moreover, 5 levels of compression can be chosen depending on network bandwidth and image quality concerns. The CAS-200 series is also capable of uploading a sequence of images on a timed basis, dramatically increasing the efficiency and productivity of surveillance system administrators and other users.
The CAS-200 series can be adapted to all kinds of applications requiring remote live images, for example: traffic condition monitoring, home & school watching, live events, factory device checking and scientific observation, and many others.
Ideal for remote security applications. The camera allows you to view live remote images via simple web browser on the Internet.
Office Security: Add surveillance capabilities to your office or business and allows 24/7 access to all cameras.
Day-care Centre: Allows parents to view day-care activities and check-in on their child/children.
Stores: Managers or owners can view store traffic during store hours and/or secure the store during off hours . Event Promotion: Promote events or attractions with a live video feed of activities, letting customers or you see whats going on.
Tourist Attractions: Allow potential tourists and/or customers to view key tourist attractions or locations.
Hospital/Medical: 24/7 remote monitoring of patients in hospital or home care environments.
Construction Site: Customers have 24/7 access to their construction site to monitor progress.
Personal or Corporate Web Site: Spruce up any web page with live streaming video.

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