Computer Networking


Computer Networking is an efficient solution for many of your small office and home office needs.

Even residential users can benefit from implementing a small home network.

With the advent of Broadband and DSL, a computer network can be an answer to many of your online issues.

For example, several users can access the Internet all at once, eliminating having to wait your turn and fighting over a single connection.
Additionally, adding a computer network and running it through a router also makes your system far more secure.
The router acts as a firewall, in effect, cloaking your machine(s) from malicious intruders. Finally, by using a network and enabling “File Sharing”, you can move files from one machine to another with ease.
This can also offer an effective, low cost, “Back Up” solution providing additional protection for your data.
Considering all of the benefits of adding a computer network, isn’t it time to let Pc Systems Servicing & Support Ltd design a computer network specific to your individual needs.
Whether you have a small business, home based business, or a home with one or more kids, we can develop a low cost solution for you. Challenge us, we’re ready.